Congratulations to class of 2009!

I never feel like such a bad friend then on Graduation weekend. This year there were almost as many Alumni as students at fountainview this weekend. It is So hard to spend any quality time with anyone when there are so many friends around at one time. It was great to get my class together again. The girls took the same attack the guys picture, and then we added the Jumping one. My class is crazy! Anyway, over all it was a great grad!

Just as a side note. I learned allot about photography this weekend. I just love learning by doing, not by reading! The knowledge I gain sticks with me.

Graduation has arrived!

Hahahaha... I have not posted in a long time because of my busy life before grad. All i have been doing is taking pictures. So hopefully when I get home Ill have some time to go through them, that is if i have enough space between my computer and my external hard drives. Everyone is arriving for Grad weekend, so I have a feeling that this will be my last time on the computer for awhile. Talk to you all after the the caps are high in the air!

Kamloops trip

On my last post I promised that my next post would be on something other than photography. So i decided I had better post soon before I forgot, other wise the pst thing might just be another photo shoot. Well, yesterday I caught a ride on the kamloops town trip. I had So So many pictures to print. I spent all morning in the Wal-Mart Photo section of the store. Then I ran around the mall with Lauren (the new girls dean). It was great, I got my first yellow shirt!! oh and for all those who make fun of me living in Canada, I do go to town... but the town is not big enough to do anything but pick up groceries, cash a check, or mail a package. So yesterday it was great to do some shopping. Oh, do you like my new cup? I will sharpen the chock so people can actually read what i write.


Last night I had a crazy fun photo shoot! I have learned that some people are a natural at taking pictures and others are... well not so natural. Sharon changes poses about 5 times between click of the camera. It is hard to focus and shoot before she is on to the next thing. But it was great, we had So much fun. Sharon and I have gotten close this year. Her love for God is so genuine, and she is purely a blessing and a joy to be around. I promise my next post will be on the other things i have been doing (like PRINTING pictures all day at Wal-Mart). Sorry for so many pictures... they were just too much fun, i had to share them.

Oh, and I can not forget the car picture. Sharon is the farthest person to take a picture by a car, and by far the most modest to do it. It was one of those pictures that you take for the random sake of taking it. But hey, I bet it was the best thing that has happened to the car in days!

Seton Lake!!

I have spent many weekends at Seton Lake, but never with my boat license. I took my license on thursday and spent all day friday and sunday giving joy rides on the jet ski. I had not idea that you could get that sore from one of those things! The campout was just for the Juniors and Seniors so it was a little smaller than some camp outs. I slept under the stars like every night on the lake. That is the beauty of British Columbia, NO BUGS! There has been a fire on the other side of the mountains for a few days now. So when we got to the lake it was full of smoke. It made for a great sun set though. Normaly there is not much of a sunset in the mountains. Oh, and because there was a fire ban on, we could not have the normal campfire food, s'mores. So we ate Graham crackers and Nutella. Somehow we all were covered in Nutela by the end of the meal.

Seniors are done, but I still have the juniors.

I am sure you guys are sick of me posting pictures that do not update you on my life, but to tell you the truth, all that I am doing right now is taking pictures. oh, and this week i am working on getting my boating license, but thats about it.