Ever since Andre [ ] posted about reflections I have been noticing them everywhere. While on tour this week, I was wandering around with my camera and saw myself. Looking for reflections puts this world in a new light, try it.

M & M = Baby!

If I had more time I would right more about this shoot, because it was a blast. Location was amazing, people were great, we just ran out of light (thanks to my reading direction skills). But the lack of light tested my creative skills. So once again I remind myself that trials are a good thing.

The Garden

Summer has left, fall is here. I thought I had better post these before they are out dated. Enjoy!

Fall Campus Picnic

I thought I would post something out of the ordinary today. This last weekend our school had a picnic in the apricot orchard. We kept the students and staff busy with random games that involved random things such as buckets, tires, or cornstarch goop. The big activity of the night was a huge hit an a amazing opportunity for some action photography. We divided everyone up into 6 groups and gave them each a few pieces of cardboard, a razor blade, 2 paddles and a roll of duck tape. They had 55min to build a boat that would eventually bring the whole team across the pond. I don't believe any boat got the whole team across, but most boats made many trips. We finished the night with a message by pastor Lemon in the orchard. The lights were incredible.