The New Puppy.

These two aren't mine but I got the opportunity to watch them this week. They sure didn't start as friends but every day they have gotten closer and closer. I had to share.

Ryo and Bethany

I don't normally post so many photos of a wedding ceremony but this one had so many special and unique moments, the most obvious was the full orchestra. Ryo and Bethany's wedding was at  Fountainivew Academy where I first picked up a SLR camera and started shooting. It was exciting to see Ryo chase Bethany and now to shoot the wedding. 

Phil + Lindsey

Because I want a photo too! 

I get asked every so often if I still take photos. Yes, I believe my love to capture life will never die but unfortunately my passion for sharing my photos online apparently can. But I am back! Here are a few photos from Phil and Lindsey's wedding. As a photographer I am one of the individuals who get the most time with the bride on her wedding day and unfortunately for her, obnoxiously in front of her face. I only knew lindsey for a couple days before I shot her wedding and I must say I was was very impressed with how kind, calm and organized she was. Lindsey, the wedding was beautiful!