Snow! Finally! (but it is gone already)

"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" as my dad would sing. Although he does not care when he sings it I especially thought of him and that song this week. I woke up and started chatting with a friend who promptly decided we needed to go sledding. A few hours later 4 or us pilled into a truck and headed up one of the many roads leading up near by mountains. It was great listening to Vange scream the whole time! Ellen and I snowboarded down the mountain while Ben and Vange drove the truck. I felt so bad for them, how boring... We finished our day of adventure with a Tim Tam Slam. Perfect way to end another day!

Rosario Beach

This weekend was full of joy and tears. Our school packed up and left really early for a weekend and Rosario Beach. Almost the whole school got sick and the staff were the first ones to go. We ended up leaving early witch made many of the students rather unhappy. The moral of the story... get out there and take pictures no matter how bad you feel.


This week I had a creative streak go through me, guess that is normal. I found some old scraps and made this pillow. I thought it turned out rather well, so I am teaching the girls in the dorm how to make them. More ideas have come, so I think it will be one productive night. Plus Ewa is making us cookies and popcorn :)

Camp out feb 2009

Tuesday brought the stomach flu and couch day, Wednesday did not bring food or water, Thursday my stomach excepted food again, and Friday brought a camping trip. I'm going to tell you about the camping trip, might be a little more appealing. Every person that spends any time at Fountainview is bound to take a trip across the river and up the valley. We knew it takes about 2 1/2 hours to hike, so we decided to leave at 12:30 sharp. We were right on time, but the tire died on the way there. There were 25 of us and we still had a 20min drive until the trail head. Thankfully its ladies first, so I pilled in with all the other girls and headed up the mountain with Larson. It was a beautiful hike only about 2 hours and 20 minutes. Lots of snow and cougar tracks to keep our mind off our straining muscles. To my great relief no furry friends ran over my face like has happened so many times in the past. The walls tell stories of the many rodents who have been chased to their death. Cooking was a blast, but if you know me you are probably not amazed at that statement. Because my stomach was not thinking about food while packing, I got creative with the food I had up there. I made pancakes for all the guys that did not feel like cooking. I did not have my brothers gouge to make a spoon, so this camp out I made chop sticks to eat my food with. Brittany placed her hand on the stove pipe on the first night. Not a very good idea when it is hot. It caused allot of pain, and started to blister so I stayed up with her and tried to distract her from the unbearable pain. So that first night was spent reading log books until the early morning hours. There is a perfectly clear stream near by and a bolder field with boulders the size of a houses. If I get a chance, I will be back up there!

The beautiful British Columbia Slide.

They have been working on the slide for about 8 hrs every day now. Doesn't it look amazing? It's so much safer than before! When I first came to school, there was nothing from keeping you from going off the edge. Now there is all kinds of safety nets and side rails.

A headless Penguin and a crashing Owl.

So here I was, taking a few pictures of Vange and her dog on a walk this Sabbath day afternoon. After a few min I stop dead in my tracks ( I was already stopped because it was icy and I did not want to move), and told everyone else to do the same. Then after reliseing that we had already been there for about 10 minutes the owl that was right behind Vanges head, probably would not move even if We did.

It blended into the Rocks So incredibly well!

So after a few too many pictures, the owl flew down into the water and dropped off the duck/penguin had been at his feet. This duck like penguin creature had no head. After its hard attempt to get out of the water we had a slight idea that the owl was sick, or that the river was not its natural habitat.

After it got back to safety on the rocks it jumped around a little. He looked at the dogs with its big yellow eyes, as they were trying to reach him, but it was obvious that they had not taken any lessons from the mountain goats that climb around our mountains.

It made itself to a higher peek, stretched its wings ( just so I could take a picture).

Then It took the dive and tried to fly to the other side. It reminded me allot like the Hudson River crash. It was obvious that He was not going to make it to the other side. But would he turn back? No, he was loosing altitude way too fast. So he decided to make a landing right in the river.

We were sure that he was a gonner, just like I am sure all the people in the controle tower thought about the Hudson Crash. But no, he flailed around or awhile and made it to a rock. He sat there, Happy to be out of the freezing waters of BC, but wishing he still had his headless duck. As Alonna, Vange, and I stood on the shore watching the whole thing, we all felt very sorry for the poor creature. But I must say, that was the most exciting photo shoot I have had!