My First Engagement Session!

I think he was excited that she said yes!

Wow... I love engagement sessions! The couple is so in love, the stress of planning the wedding has not yet come and the couple can just focus on each other! Anyone else need an engagement shoot?

Janna and Andy's wedding

The wedding season has begun! When I agreed to shoot a bunch of weddings this summer I had not idea what I was getting myself into. It takes FOR EVER to go through the photos after the wedding. I still have a whole folder I have not even peaked at! When I arrived in Arizona at Jannas family farm I saw her at a distance and ran to give her a hug. She hobbled in my directions and proceeded to tell me the story of how she just broke her toe. The stories only got worse from there on. The groom got a cut on his lip, the father of the bride sliced his head open and one of the guests followed suit. I am proud to say I made it through the weekend in one piece, without any slices taken out! Besides the injuries the wedding was beautiful. I am so excited to see Janna so happy, I know she has a great guy.