The Picture Perfect Night

Last night was a night I will never forget. On the way back from MI my mom told me that one of her love languages is quality time. I believe that has to be one of mine, because it was the time my family spent together what made it such a perfect night.
Thanks to Vanessa, we were able to throw a suprize party for mom and dad. You see, my brothers and I are terrible at remembering dates, and when I say terrible i mean it in every sense of the word. So last night I took mom and dad out on a photo shoot. I told them that it was my gift for them, because after all, it is their 30th anniversary. They should have some good pictures. Then while I was gone, the rest of the family set up the table and made the meal (most of it was done earlier that day behind moms back). Durring the shoot we ran into all the people that mom and dad know in town. You can never go to town with my parents without running at least a few people that they know. Then after a 2 conversations and 2 Minnesota long good byes we made it home. I thought my was going to invite one home. I was not sure how i was going to get out of that one. As we pulled in the drive way mom was wondering why all the rest of the family was dressed up and standing by the car. She thought that they were going to go out to eat. Andrew was like, mom we need to take our family picture. So we went out to the road and clicked a few with the tripod. Then he was said "we should take some at the pond." As we rounded the house, there it was! Lights in the tree's and a full table decorated like you would see in the martha stewart magazine. It was an amazing meal with spinach artichoke dip, sour dough bread, brochette, and lots more! Oh and it was all home made! It was great, mom and dad were so amazed! Then after we got the motivation walk out from under the lights we all came inside and watched slides that were taken AGES ago. And when I say ages, I mean I was only in one of them. It was more like watching mom, dad, and ryan. I did come to see how much mom and dad took Ryan every where. It was a night full of laughing and ewww's and awww's. Thanks mom and Dad for sticking together for all these years. I am sure it would have been allot easier without us, but you would not have so much fun if we were not there.

Night Photography

A few nights ago Holli and I stayed in town for awhile and took some pictures after 10:00 pm. I did not have a tripod so it was kinda hard to get them clear, because the shutter would be open for up to 50 seconds.

Where the Red Cedar river meets the Chippewa

Hey guys! This summer has been amazing. Here are some pictures of the camp out my family went on last week. These pictures hopefully tell the story well. The whole trip consisted of some great games of tolf (golf with tennis balls), Naomi wishing she had some chaco's, Eating, laying in the sun for hours, paddling through shallow rapids(had to get out of the canoe a few times), playing with some glow sticks at night, and the best part about it was playing with Naomi. Sorry if there are a few too many pictures of her, you will just have to get used to it. To put it simply, she is irresistible subject matter! oh and note to all campers. Take the group shot at the beginning of the camp out, not at the end :)