Rebecca and the Horse


This morning Melody told me her idea for her photo shoot. I was so excited! Her hair was beautiful and the outfit was great. She even found a prop for us to use! It has been so exciting to see her grow up. Since she came as a freshmen I was able to go to school with her (wow, has it been that long)! Its been so much living in the same house and getting to work with her in the evenings. She is a huge help! Oh, and did I mention, we can talk for hours! I am going to miss her so much!

The Smith's

Can I say enough good things about this family? I never laugh as much as when I am with them! Normally I never can find anything bad about them, this week I could. It was like pulling teeth to get a few pictures of them. Finally I managed to snap a few on my 3rd attempt. But their ideas of a picture for the year book was something like stickmen, high school photo, or even a modern from the knees down photo. Although a high school photo might be amusing, I would rather look at these.


Raquel was smart, she knew how busy I would soon be. So she scheduled in fast! Right after work on friday we headed to the fresh apricot blossoms. Mmmm... they smelled so good! I found my self telling her over and over again to laugh, because it was just so contagious! After I compiled the good pictures and saw that most of them were laughing ones, I knew it was a good shoot! Thanks so much Raquel, you were great!

Apricot Blossoms

When the trees start blooming I know its time to start taking senior pictures. Just wait guys, soon I will be posting all kinds of portraits. I was just informed by the YearBook staff that I have 11 days to shoot all of the seniors and the staff. This is the best and busiest time of the year!

The power of one drop.

Your biggest missionary tool is your influence, believe me it goes father than you think!

Next destination... Korea

Would you like a free tour or a free hotel? With only 12 hours to spend in my newest country, #19, I was very very sad. But are you kidding me, a hotel? Of course I wanted the tour! Flying from the KotaKinabaloo airport was a 6 hour flight to korea, But I only remember about 30 minutes of it. Those few minutes were spent dreaming about what my 12 hours would be spend like. My guess of seaweed, kimchi, rice, and and a camera staring me in the face was not far off. We were met at the airport with a big banner, traditional rice cakes, and the best oranges I have had in along time! Next I had to make a decision. How much money should I exchange, or should I do any at all? A little voice in my head kept saying "you know you never by trinkets anyway"! Any decision is hard when you are on jet lag and this one felt like I was deciding what do for me carrier. So in my pocket eventually went 40,000 Wons ( it is not as nice as it sounds). With that all taken care of I hopped on the bus with 40 other people and headed to Seoul. I so badly wanted to stay awake and watch the country side, but sleep succeeded in the battle of endurance. When the bus stopped I jerked awake, similar to the one when you wake up without an alarm clock and relies you were left behind. We stopped at couple of the typical tourist spots and watched asians do what they do best (take pictures). They even had special spot marked out that said "Photo Spot". Normally I see parents taking pictures of their kids at these monuments, but this time it was a little kid taking a pictures of her parents. After the sight seeing we did some quick shopping (where I spent all my money) and then went for lunch. Mmmm… was it ever good! We all filed through the narrow streets and up some steps into a traditional Korean restaurant and sat on the floor around these tables that were only about 1 foot off the ground.They served us rice that were mixed with vegetables and seaweed. It came out sizzling in a big bowl that had been resting on the hot flames. Before I stirred my rice I bowed my head to thank God for all His blessings. I evidently spent the right amount time praying because my rice had become perfectly crispy brown, just how I like it! Oh, and just for your information I did eat every last gain of rice with my chopsticks! Before driving back to the airport we begged our tour guides to take us to a place to get seaweed. We completely drained the nearest store out of the seasoned seaweed. I still wonder what they thought of us crazy seaweed eating tourists. So with rice in our bellies, camera cards full, wallets empty, and bags of seaweed we piled onto the plane just grateful for a place to sleep.