The Quartet

This sunday one of the guys called me up and asked me if I could do a photo shoot of his group of singers. I was excited, except for the fact that it is january and everything is brown. I could not come up with any good ideas of where to shoot this classy looking bunch. So to the river we went. It was only when we got down there did we realize that the guys should have put on bright colored clothing. Oh well, and so once again, I live and I learn. They are a great group though. We laughed allot and froze even more.

Guys Laptop Sleeve

I made this laptop sleeve awhile ago, but it was a christmas present so I could not post about it until after christmas. It was the first one I made for a guy, so I had to have a different style. Since making the case my new favorite material has become burlap, don't worry I am not in mood to make any clothes...

Generation of Youth for Christ

Look at the sign we found on outreach on friday. What a way to welcome your guests.

I have one word to describe this years GYC, and that is BUSY! I was asked to do a bunch of things and really only did two in the end, but those two things kept me busy. I got supper excited when Katie asked me to take pictures for GYC this last summer. So thats what I did took LOTS of pictures. Here is just a taste of the weekend. Since I missed most of the meetings I have been listening to them on If you want a real taste of GYC, go there and download some real spiritual food!