Music Practice - the things we do...

Early stages of laziness.
Put too many hours in.

I don't play the violin, but i don't think your supposed to play that way...
He was reading his science book.
I think they said that it burns more calories.
P.E. or Choir?


Christmas before thanksgiving? Only in canada.

Thursday night after worship I told all the girls that live in Whistling Winds with me that we need to have a quick meeting. Earlier I baked a couple apple pies, popped pop corn, attempted a pumpkin spice drink, and made bread. The day before I put the tree up, strung all the lights and got the ornaments ready. So when they arrived we had a party! The girls had a blast, and I think the tree turned out well. The girls asked me if they could use my camera to take pictures. So these pictures are a compilation of Sharon, Danielle and My photography. Merry Christmas!