I spent this afternoon looking for plane tickets. Why oh why are they so expensive? In the past month a few months a few people have asked me "out of all the countries that you have visited what one would you live in"? I would say Portugal. The people are friendly, the culture is rich, the streets are made of stone, the streets are narrow, there is now where to park (so they all drive smart cars), the language is welcoming, and there is a never ending supply of bread and olive oil... the list goes on. I thought an image from portugal would be a good one to practice my texturizing on. 

Sedric + Leah

I think I must be getting old. It seams that all the people I went to school with are getting married!  Don't you remember thinking in high school that that day would never come, I could not imagine it anyway. Maybe that is just because I was too busy to ever think about that kind of thing, but none the less, that time has arrived. Sunday morning I grabbed my camera, my new CD and started down our beautiful rode to Hope. This time, I could not see anything due to SUPER thick fog. Thankfully it lifted before I got to Hope where I met up with Sedric and Leah. After a shoot with many laughs I drove away wondering why I have not visited more of the amazing places in BC. I love traveling, I think I need to do more small trips in this province. Thank you Sedric and Leah for getting me out and showing me a new little place of beauty. 

Sewing Project

There has been a pile of pants sitting in my room that need to be hemmed for a couple months. Hemming has been the story of my life. So yesterday I went out to the shed, got the sewing machine, got some thread, and then got distracted on another project. I have been wanting to sew this little dress for my niece for awhile and it sounded like more fun the hemming 6 pairs of pants. Since I broke the only 3 needles that I have, my pants are still sitting at the end of my bed waiting to be hemmed. (Andrew, how much are you planning on feeding Naomi between now and Christmas, I hope it will fit her).

The Loop

Morning Sunrise

Every morning we wake up to fog now. It is so beautiful to watch as it creeps up the valley.

Driving in the car, and an amazing sushi restaurant. I love their back wall! It was here that we decided we would do the complete loop. So instead of driving back the way we came (inland), we went up the coast through Whistler. 

The amazing Scenery from the car. This is one of the reasons I love British Columbia.

This waterfall was beautiful, but due to the focal range of my lens I could not catch the whole fall.

I think these flags are to represent the people who live in this country. Or its a red and white club.
We ended the day at Whistler at the Old Spaghetti Factory, Mmmmm Pesto Pasta! On the way out we each got a cup of hot mint tea and did a bit of window shopping in the village. I picked up my first pair of Crocs there, the slipper kind. I always hated these things, but once I felt how warm and light they are I could not help but buy them. Besides since they were a kids size they were cheaper, had no tax and I got an additional 25% off! The whole day was such a blessing I just had to share it.