The Ultimate Pizza Shop

Every summer my family spends one evening at gourmet pizza restaurant . Its not a normal restaurant, and I am not even sure what to call it, but I do have one word for it, Amazing! This is how it works, you bring your own, tables, chairs, silverware, salad, drinks, and friends and they will provide the pizza. It takes about 30 minutes to drive to, and are located way out in the farmlands of Wisconsin. Surrounded by cornfields on all sides except for one little quaint white church there are cars lined up for a 1/4 mile. Oh and did I mention, you have to take your trash home with you. Sounds like more work than service. But its the close atmosphere of the comutinty that makes this place fly. The place is run by a family who fulfilled the american dream. The father is the head chef of a gourmet restaurant in a near by town on the mississippi river. My parents go there on their dates, but have always said that I can not go until I am married. When we arrived we were shocked at the amount of people already there. The family started making these pizzas in their one outdoor stone oven for their friends. The word spread, and more people started to come and that is when we started coming. It was such a small little place, but now they serve 200 pizzas in a few hours. So if you ever come and visit me, make sure you come on a tuesday, because they only serve once a week.

Keith and Tammy's Wedding

This is the first wedding I got to shoot. Thankfully there were 2 other photographers there so there was no as much pressure as there would be if i was by myself. It was really sunny outside so it was a challange to get good lighting, but its good for me, it builds my character!