I have started working on the senior portraits for 2010. I am also working hard at deleting all the ones off my computer from last year and keeping only the best. So far I have deleted about 30G. I really need to be more organized this year. I think that will be my one new years resolution.

Bethany was so much fun to shoot. Because I every day I know that she always has a huge smile across her face. I asked her "are you always this happy?" She said "well I have my down days too, but I always make sure to smile." She has never had a good photo shoot of herself, so that made it all the more exciting. It was her idea to bring the red chair that is normally in her and her roommates room. I just love creative people. If you guys have any idea's for good props for those seniors who are not creative, feel free to leave a comment.

Four Furry Friends

Weather it is good photography or not I have to post it. These little guys spent one day out side my window this week. The longer we watched them the higher they climbed. I only can imagine what it would have looked like to watch them climb down. They are such curious looking creatures.

A few clips of the country

There is a part one to this video, but for some reason it is not posting. Ill keep trying but until then you can go and see it on facebook (if your my friend that is). Thanks guys, and sorry for the delay.


The trip is over. I did not bring any trinkets home, so nobody expect any silver spoons with the country of portugal carved on it or any T-shirts. It is said that pictures say a thousand words, so I brought a few of those home. Enjoy! I hope this will take you out of your county and into a country that is rich in beauty, history and friendly people.