Just came across these to pictures today. After Andrew posted Christmas pictures I thought that I should go through mine and sort them.

Frost and Fog

A people stuck in the fog

The past couple of days were full of Frost. As one of my friends just said " Frosty the Snowman is just outside my door". We also had fog for a day and a half. It was so beautiful.
When the fog came, it did not lift for over 75 hours. It made driving a challenge. I would have to drive with my head out the window because as soon as I scraped the frost off the windshield it would come back. The only way I would keep myself from falling into the orchard was by what snow/ ice was left on the side of the road. It reminded me how we are all called to walk on the straight and narrow road. Most people want to stay on the road, but look in all the wrong places for the guidelines, or don't feel like following them. They are used to following the yellow dotted line and not ready to try and look at something else.
Last night was my night to give worship in the girls dorm. I want them to see the importants of the bible. And that God is a god of communication (as much as we dont think he is , HE IS). If we don't put our trust in the bible, how will we be able to stay on the road? Put your trust in the bible and let go of the Yellow line that everyone else follows.