Thanks for all the Birthday Wishes

I want to thank everyone for all the great birthday wishes. I had a very memorial day flying from the Seattle Air port into the Phoenix air port. Robert, Vanessa, Seth and I were traveling down for Sondras wedding. I was happy to leave the school on my birthday so that no students got any bright ideas on making my day more rememberable. Well, I did manage to leave Fountainview the day before my birthday, but I left the school with the 3 most crazy staff. To put it simply, I will not forget this birthday! Now I am in sunny Arizona soaking up the sun! Thank you all for the cards, for the calls and for the posts on facebook! I was not sure I wanted to turn 20, but here I am and there is no turning back!

Gone South

Today felt like spring, it was so beautiful! But that is not enough for me. This monday I am heading south, my bags are already half packed. I already have my shoes in, and my sunglasses waiting for me. What else could I possibly need for a wedding in Arizona? I guess i need lotion! It is going to be a blast. Just thought I would tell everyone that I might not be posting for a little while, but the next post should be much more exciting!

Hopes of learning photoshop

I took this photoshoot in hopes that it would motivate me to use and learn photoshop. I downloaded the trial version which only last 30 days. Well that 30 days is almost up and I have not learned enough. There is So much to learn in photoshop, I need more than 30 days. I guess I will just have to buy it :)


I found this awhile ago and wanted to share it with someone, but I resisted because I had no reason too. Well now that the whole school is sick and I have been for 2 weeks I feel like there is something worth sharing. You see, I live in Canada right now and their medical system is a little different than my home lands medical system. I take girls into the docter, and they give us no bill and no prescription (lately anyway, its been all viruses). So i think Canada is going for the whole trying the whole "stress free medical System". But there are a few here that have been sick since Christmas, so lets just say neither country has found the perfect system...

My Mind and My Tack Board

I was trying to decide what to post this week, and well.... I just thought I would share some stuff that is on my mind and Tack board.
I have hit the age in life when I have to make decisions... Some times I love it and some times I hate it. Currently, I hate it. Why do we have to make the hardest decisions when we know so little in life. I mean seriously, the decisions I make now will make or break me and those decisions should be made after years of experience( i guess God has a sense of humor). I have so many options, because I have serve a God that can do anything. You know when you wish God would drop a sign out of the sky and drop it right on your head so you would not miss it? I am really hoping for one of those. At the same time I really want to learn complete trust in Him. So if I could just get used to "my life being on the line" it would be great. Then what ever comes my way will not be able to knock me off my feet, because i am not standing on my feet, I am holding on to something from above.
The quote above has been on my mind and board all week. Simply put, its not just about head knowledge, go out and write your own story with God!