Sabbath truck Hike

Sabbath Truck Hike, only FV takes busses up logging roads. 

Fall in the orchard

Hannah, Alissa, and Emma pulled a good one on me this weekend. They Drove all night to surprise me! It was an amazing weekend. We had a party in the orchard with the whole campus. oh, and Sunday I finally got to cook with Jessica and test out or candy making skills. It was great, you should have been there!


 It was so peaceful sitting around the fire with the lights on the porch,  drinking hot chocolate, and looking over the whole valley, in the middle of the mountains! It does not get better than that.

Finally... back to sewing

It was last week and I could not sleep. My mind was going through a creative whirl wind and I needed to do something about it. So I went on a hunt for material. Since I had no scissors or a sewing machine I went back to bed. The next morning, my good old friend Jonny Larson got me a sewing machine. Then two cut up dresses later, it was "voila"! 

Close to a "wedding" as I have come

I Have had an urge to shoot a wedding , and so finally this past sunday I got the closest yet. We had a vow renewal ceremony this weekend. So here are a few results of my first time shooting a "wedding" .