Life Lessons from my alarm Clock

Ever since my cousin stayed in my room about a month ago, there has been a Robin visiting every morning right outside my window. My cousin complained that it woke her up by hitting the window repeatedly during the early morning hours. Well I am hear to tell you and complain that it done it to me for the past month. As I am writing this I hear it banging into my window. You see, I wanted to sleep in this morning, but the bird was on time 6:00 AM sharp. The first morning it did this, I took an average count of how much time there was between beatings. I took this average over a period of 20 minutes. It came out to be 7 seconds. This guy has a bad memory. A few weeks ago, my status on facebook talked about this bird. One of my friends who used to live in my house last year commented, “ Wow, he came back, he was there last year”. I thought his lack of memory was because of the repeated concussion he kept giving himself, but no this is just plane old bad memory. Today he was a little different. I noticed that it was building a nest in my tree. So the pattern was, grab a trig, place it in the nest, come to the edge of the tree, see the reflection, slam into the window, and fly off to grab another twig.
As I was laying here in bed I was thinking, this bird has two ways to relies his problem. I am guessing that the reason he is hitting the window is because he sees his reflection and thinks its another big bird. He is trying to fight off the bad guy. Well, all he is doing is hurting himself. This reminded me of Saul and David. When David came back from fighting a battle and the woman began singing, “Saul has killed his thousands, but David has killed ten thousands” Saul became very jealous. Ever after that time he had no peace and always wanted to kill David. While David just kept his eyes on what God had called him to do, Saul wanted the success of David. Saul just kept hurting himself. No matter how many times he tried to kill David, Saul was still the one in pain. When the bird sees his reflection he gets jealous of the big bird in the window and tries to fight him away. Well in reality, the bird is just as big as his reflection in the window. Friends you can be just as great as the people you look up to or are jealous of. You just will be that great in what God has called you to do. The bird needed just to focus on building his nest. Stop hurting yourselves by looking at others and start doing what God has asked of you. Trust me, you will do allot better!
Options number two. If he can not learn from his pain he could zoom out. If he fly back a little ways he could look and see that he is fighting a big house. I think he would feel kind dumb, but then do it again. Let me explain. I was reading in Patriarchs and Prophets on tour and it said something like… If we knew all that God has in store for us, we would want it! ( I marked the quote in someone else’s book so I can not find it anymore). If that is the case, tell me, why is it so hard for us to say “Yes” to God every day? If we know that we will want everything in the long run why can we not do what he wants us to do right now? I think I have said it once already but, ZOOM OUT! Just like the bird, if we would look at the big picture we would not get stuck in the little struggles of life. Don’t you think that if John the Baptist could have seen that if he could have seen that people for thousands of years would be strengthened by who he was as one of the greatest men of God that he would not have questioned his work for God while in his jail cell?
I really hope that understood my little bird story and gained something out of it. It is no longer early in the morning, so I need to go eat breakfast. Have a great day everyone and please… Stop hurting yourselves and try zooming out, it might help.


Vanessa said...

I can't believe you got those pictures - how hilarious! We had a big pigeon slam into our window once, and the bird must have been covered in dust or something, because it left a perfect dusty impression of itself on the window. Anyway, good story, too. And I love the pics!

RKC said...

Go ahead and call, I have no idea if it will charge me or not, but I dont think it will. Afternoons work.